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Check Out Banky W & His Yoruba Demon Squad At #BAAD2017

diariesoflove From a while now, Nigerians have saved the date, November 11th, 2017. It became an unofficial day of national celebration once singer, Banky W and

Wizkid x MUT4Y – Manya [New Video]

diariesoflove Wizkid x MUT4Y – Manya [New Video]. The video is here!! We have been waiting for the video for Manya by Wizkid x MUT4Y of star Boy.


How hard it is to get True Love

True Love is Like Removing Fruitlet from Spikelet

True Love is Like Removing Fruitlet from Spikelet Love is so dynamic and it is so confusing most at times when people believe that things must

Diaries of Love! Love affects us all. What is the effect of love in our lives. This is the function of Diaries, which we decided to keep.

Love is so mysterious. How far can you go to get loved?

Life is so complicated. Love is so mysterious in its own way. Just as our face differs, so is the state of our minds. How far