About us

Diaries of love were coined out of love for humanity. Out of our experience with God, the mysteries surrounding the nature of his love for humanity and its manifestation through Christ Jesus, we came to this conviction that building a platform like this could help people develop True love for their partners, families, and friends and appreciate the authorship of God as the grand founder of True Love. We hoped that the problems of this world could be solved with some effort added towards the exercise of true love within ourselves. Diaries of love is not a porn website, there is no pornography or adult content herein. It is strictly concerned with things that make life to be better and help an individual to live blamelessly and spotlessly towards all humanity with the exercise of True Love.

Remember, you will never expose whom you love to harm!

Here at Diaries of love, we do not concern ourselves with just love success – both agape and romantic, but we try to relate global problems to love (general view of love and our daily lives).  This has made us to spread our tentacles to cover entertainment, news, education, politics and Agriculture and many more

We are genuinely out to educate our readers on the power of true love in solving global problems in these critical times. We don’t take our words herein as 100% percent solution to your problems, but we do hope that it aid to identify some wrongs that need to be made right in your ways of life towards your partner and anyone who is involved with you for global peace to reign.

The Founder, Sylvester Alih, is a Mathematician, computer scientist and a writer who believes this world could still be re-defined positively if and only if; the fire of true love is rekindled in the heart of all men. He is a Nigerian, and a member of a digital research center, KSUA.

We organize talk, counseling session with youth, those in a relationship; also, married couples are no exception. Schools, colleges, and Universities are also involved in our campaign for a better world through LOVE.

Remember; we do it now or NEVER!

Do you want to talk with Sylvester privately? You can get to him from Monday to Fridays at 8-18 o’clock on

alihojochide@gmail.com,About us

Twitter Handle: @diariesof_love