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How Far can Lies Destroys Love Relationship and Trust

True Love and Trust; I have heard several times from the mouth of different individuals that don't exist. Indeed from the definitions of their experiences, we could conclude that their statement is not far from the truth. There could be some senses in it, but I STILL SAY – TRUE

Phases of Love

when is love enjoyable

Phases of Love The concept of love is a bit hard to define or to discus. Love in its nature is so complicated that no one wishes to face the truth. What truth? The phases of Love! I had the opportunity to ask few people a little bit of questions that disturb

Do we Forgive Easily?

Forgiveness in love

Forgiveness Forgiveness is a great healer. In every act of love, there are times when things goes off our control. Yes! It is bound to happen. The question that always comes into my thought goes - Do we always wait to take the glory for being right, or the condemnation of

Love Can Make You Feel Bad and Ashamed

the shame in love and how does it make you feel

The shame in Love Oh love and shame, what a world! Can’t we really live without love? Why does it allow us (me) to feel so bad and at times feel ashamed? Someone out there will say; of course, I can live without love, I just stay all to myself. No,

Love Ocean and Depression

why does love hurts so much

Why is there so much depression in Love Love is like an ocean. Can you really talk about it when you have neither gotten into it or swim in it? How does it feel to be in love when the depression in it seem to be more than the joy in

Tears in Love

Why is there so much tears in love relationship. Is it the pains or the happiness

What is the reason for tears in love? Love and it Tears: Every day, People cry. Then I asked; is it the happiness or the pains in love that put these tears on the faces of people? This is hard to say because the word love is not static but dynamic