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Love is so mysterious. How far can you go to get loved?

Diaries of Love! Love affects us all. What is the effect of love in our lives. This is the function of Diaries, which we decided to keep.

Life is so complicated. Love is so mysterious in its own way. Just as our face differs, so is the state of our minds. How far do you have to go to get hold of your true love? It is a question that has no concrete answers. But I will say

It’s All About You

One of the reasons why LOVE fails has to do with the words - It’s all about you. The reason why we quit easy in love is not because we cannot go on, it’s not because she is too ugly or he is not handsome but because the word “IT’S

Do we Forgive Easily?

Forgiveness in love

Forgiveness Forgiveness is a great healer. In every act of love, there are times when things goes off our control. Yes! It is bound to happen. The question that always comes into my thought goes - Do we always wait to take the glory for being right, or the condemnation of

Tears in Love

Why is there so much tears in love relationship. Is it the pains or the happiness

What is the reason for tears in love? Love and it Tears: Every day, People cry. Then I asked; is it the happiness or the pains in love that put these tears on the faces of people? This is hard to say because the word love is not static but dynamic