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Do we Forgive Easily?

Forgiveness in love


Forgiveness is a great healer. In every act of love, there are times when things goes off our control. Yes! It is bound to happen. The question that always comes into my thought goes – Do we always wait to take the glory for being right, or the condemnation of being wrong?

Do we forgive and let go of the odd? If Love does exist, why do two people; who says “we love each other” tend to stay away from each other all because the either parties never wanted to take the blame of the odd in view of making the wrong right?

Do we forgive easily?

Let’s look at my view…
I came to notice that there is no phase of life that is free of misunderstanding. Who says two people who love themselves doesn’t fight? Where is it written that the best lovers on earth don’t disagree? Each day I lived with pains in my heart because my love always tends to disagree to my words. I kept asking; why must it be so? I tried so hard to find solution to this. Most counselors do say to me “Mr. Sylvester, always try to know she is a weaker vessel and don’t be so hard to stand on what she says to you. Try to know why she act the ways she does”.

All they said were done. Unfortunately there seems to be issues resurfacing at every point. Now I asked myself, what should I do? Each time we go off the line, the room becomes imbalance in its beautiful status and peace. We stayed apart because I felt tired and I refused to forgive her. I let her off with the hope that if we don’t see each other, the peace in our heart will be restored. Here I supposed you will ask – “DID I REGAIN MY PEACE?” No!

The battle became more within me plus the hurt I got each time our path crosses each other. How can I overcome this? Now we live on the same street and we must see each other every day. Does she really feel the same way I feel? This very question was left unanswered within me. But how can I say – I am sorry when I did nothing wrong?

The Question of Pride

How can she say sorry to me when she feels she has done nothing wrong after all she’d say sorry and I refused to forgive her? We both claimed to be right at this point. But something has to be done… More moves were made by me. I tried to consult more counselors, because the best advice was “we both need to understand each other”. How can we understand each other when neither of us wishes to accept the blame? Within myself, I was tired already.

I concluded when I came across the words “to love is to give your all without feelings that you are compelled to do so and you must take the blame either you are wrong or right. Your love ones will be forced to know that they actually went wrong within their conscience because of your humbleness. Then they will ask – why are you taking the blame for it?” This became food for thought in my head.

Do we Forgive Easily?
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I couldn’t sleep without thinking about it. Well, I said one early hour of morning; I thought; it is high time I gave a trial on the words that I got from Jesus; where he says, “He became my sins that I could become his righteousness”.

I went out of my bed swiftly to her door, had a knock on the door. She opened, she saw me with tears. I requested for her forgiveness for talking at her the way I did earlier and she did the same because I took the lead. From that day on, each time we disagree, quarrel, I don’t wait for her to ask for forgiveness, but I FORGIVE WILLINGLY AND MY HOME HAS FINALLY REGAIN ITS LOST PEACE. Do you mind trying this?


I am Sylvester A. O. I love to put peace on the face of the inhabitants of the world as far as my strength can aid me. Love is the rock on which we all stand. It is the driving force behind all I am doing right now. I hope you can see the light I saw in the MEANING OF LOVE!

2 thoughts on “Do we Forgive Easily?

  1. It is a good thing to do, but difficult to practice dear. Most of the time, they take u for fool and continuing to do things the wrong way coz they know u will forgive. Hmm what a world of love.

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