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It’s All About You

One of the reasons why LOVE fails has to do with the words – It’s all about you. The reason why we quit easy in love is not because we cannot go on, it’s not because she is too ugly or he is not handsome but because the word “IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU” is missing from our plans.

I don’t know what you feel; I may not know what exactly you are passing through right now. But this I am certain, when last did you sit down to say; I find it so difficult to hurt your feeling because it’s all about you? My heart feel pains because you never gave me the attention I needed from you. Really, I feel so bad among my friends because you are not always by me in their midst just like every other men does. Yet I find myself loving you because it’s all about you.

The hardest part of life I have ever seen is the realisation of the biblical concept that a man must leave his birth family (not abandoning them when they need you) and get joined to the woman he loves and they two will become one. Most people failed to understand this aspect of love.

Hmm; two people from different backgrounds, different likes and dislikes coming together to form a love bound – do you really think this is an easy task? I guess your answer right now should be NO!

All studies in life adhere to the definitions of theories and your thoughts of them in practical application but loving someone who has his/her own mode of reasoning need to see meaning in your words and believes and give in to it before the two of you can work together. No wander the Bible says two people must agree before they both can walk together.

Until I was able to form the words – “IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU NOT ME”, my peace would have not come handy this time.


 I love with the view that whom I love must be protected, saved, cared for either in good times and bad times, fight for them to have peace and live well with the expression of this happiness glowing on their faces.

Let them say he (she) is the reason for my happiness, he is the reason for my success and all because of him/her I am standing tall above my expectations today. I derived my strength to love with my whole, no matter the odd that may come out along the line, with this strong purpose in mind; “IT IS ALL ABOUT MY PARTNER FIRST”. To exercise your love on the surface is not ideal.

Yes! It thus, hurts to see your love one going astray. It pains more when you don’t have one purpose, one goal or one dream.

Also it affects most, when you are entirely two different people; but it will be just fine when you remember that Love is selfless sacrifices, where you hold your pains, provided whom you love is happy and willing to stay with you, regardless your differences.


Don’t get me wrong! When your defined purpose for choosing someone to love is to see happiness on the person’s face, you will let that purpose to be your strength, for you to overlook the weaknesses; by keeping the flame of your love burning the more in the ration of 90:10.

This means; your love supersedes the weakness in your love partner. But note this, not at the expense of your life!

Life is more precious to protect. So seek advice from a counselor if your partner brutally maltreat you.

As for me, I ride the tide until the storm is over while the word “IT IS ALL ABOUT MY PARTNER AND NOT ME” keep ringing in my head.

Jesus was (is) able to save the world by his death through this.

The purpose, gave Him (Jesus) the strength. Until the last moment, He never stopped loving us all in spite of all our weaknesses. Let us not forget this because we are imperfect beings.

I am Sylvester A. O. I love to put peace on the face of the inhabitants of the world as far as my strength can aid me. Love is the rock on which we all stand. It is the driving force behind all I am doing right now. I hope you can see the light I saw in the MEANING OF LOVE!

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