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How Far can Lies Destroys Love Relationship and Trust

True Love and Trust; I have heard several times from the mouth of different individuals that don’t exist. Indeed from the definitions of their experiences, we could conclude that their statement is not far from the truth. There could be some senses in it, but I STILL SAY – TRUE LOVE EXIST. I have gone round the world of love searching for true love. I know you are bent on the question like – did you find it? Yes I did! There is true love on earth, but the selfish desires of men and women corrupt the true nature of love as purposed by our creator, God Almighty. The greed in our flesh and that sin that threw us from God right from Adam still rings its rhythm of destruction in our heart, which makes us not to be satisfied with what we have.


Trust is a very big key that must be worked for in all areas of our lives. If you betray the trust of someone who has held you so dear to his/her heart, pray to God to give that partner the heart to believe in you again.

Businesses are built between two people based on trust on common grounds. Inter-country relationships for economic growth are built between countries based on common belief and the agreement that they will work together as partners. Employers employ employee for a particular job based on trust that the employee will deliver his services as expected of him. Imagine and employee who betrays the trust of his employer, he is thrown out of office and another person thus; takes over his place with the hope that that the new person could be better compared to the past employee. When a country betrays her allegiance with another country, it could lead to inter-country war. Name it, Trust is needed in all things.

Biblical View of God Love for Mankind

Look at this. God love man so much that He called together His heavenly helpers that they could create man in their image and likeness, (Genesis 1:26). That shows how God love man and wanted him to be like Him. He made man and gave him a part of Him as god by breathing the breath of life into the man He made through his nostril, (Genesis 2:7).

What other creature does God lay on to breath into their nostril to have a part of his spirit? How wonderful is this kind of love! He further entrusted all other creations of the world into His hands so that he can name them all as it pleases him.

God look at man and felt he is lonely. He proceeded to make another man from the first man, but this time, He chooses to make this one most unique, beautiful, loving, passionate, attractive, and so pleasing to the eyes.

He did this that the first man, Adam could have something to call his own and get attracted to. (Genesis 2:18, 21-25).

God put this two together in a well formed garden named Eden. There is no beauty you demand of the nature that you will not see therein. Such is a place two love partners can ever wish to go for their Honeymoon.

He only demands of them that everything you see here in the garden is edible to you. Eat them all, but that very tree you see over there at the center of the garden, do not touch nor eat of it. This is because you shall die the very moment you eat of it. God, Adam and Eve had an agreement and God trusted them that they will not go against his instruction as the head.


It was evidence in the book of Genesis 3:8-9 that God often visit Adam to talk with him. Look at the verse 8, even before God could throw them out of the beautiful garden, their conscience had started judgment on them and they were hiding from the true lover of their lives who gave them the very best gift that He never gave to another creature. Verse 9 pointed out that God called out to him – Adam where are you?

God discovered that his good friend Adam had betrayed him. What happened after that? I guess you know the answer to this already. The friendship of God, Adam and Eve, came to an end immediately.

No matter the love God had for Adam and Eve, He never hesitated to lay a very serious curse on them both and banish them from the Garden of Eden and not only that, He cursed the earth because of their betrayal of His trust for them. What a lesson…

When you love a being, you will never dream of doing anything that can hurt him physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your dreams all the time is to see happiness on the face of your partner and also that your partner should be able to bear witness for you both in your presence and your absence with some confidence level.

Some Instances that Trust is Destroyed in Love Relationship through Lies

As a being, you told your partner that you hate smoking, you don’t like people who smokes and you cannot smoke, then your partner then caught you smoking. Your partner’s trust towards you is already distorted.

Love carried you to a lady. Then you gave her a romantic invitation and told her that you will marry her and at the same time, you made her to believe that she is the only girl in your life, and then she caught you chatting with another lady and telling her how much you miss her and how much you love her. Your partner’s trust towards you is already distorted.

You are a lady, you are lucky to have a man who loves you. You promised him that you will never do anything to hurt his feeling and that he is the only man you have in your life and you love him so much, and then he caught you in another romantic relationship with another man. Your partner’s trust towards you is already distorted.

More Lies in Love Relationship

In conversation, you told your partner that you are on your way to the West and it turns out that you were seen in the East and to prove that you are not a ghost that was seen; a picture of you was taken without your knowing and sent to your partner. After your partner asked you when you returned, you said with a very bold face that West was so fine. Crystal lies! Your partner’s trust towards you is already distorted.

Some Negligence that Affects our Love Relationship

There are so many things that we do in love relationship, which we think they are the normal trend of life in this dispensation. This throws our Love train off balance without our knowing.

At the end of it, we begin to put forward questions like; I don’t know why my love life is filled up with so much betrayals. Men only use me. When they are to get serious; they leave me for another girl. Girls don’t like my personalities and they always complain that they cannot continue with me. They go for another guy.

Hey, friends, let me put this simple fact across to you:

It is impossible to have a close and healthy relationship without trust. You need to be able to trust what a partner tells you. Unfortunately, this is destroyed by getting caught deceiving a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend with lies.

To crown it, some relationships often come to an end when someone gets caught lying.

One serious observation some partners fails to note is this. Maybe we are not likely to get caught when we mislead others, deception can destroy you. Using lies, whether it comes to light or not, creates distance in a relationship.

Note that Lying to a husband or wife, boyfriend/girlfriend has serious consequences. The more people engage in deception, they tend to feel less close to their partners.

It is hard to feel like a partner knows you, gets you, and understands you— if you are constantly lying to him or her. No wonder, Friedrich Nietzsche says and I quote; “I am not upset that you lied to me, but I am upset that from now on, I can’t believe you.”

Do you really know what this mean? Redeem your relationship while you can…

God Action Against His Love Due to Human Lies and Betrayal

If God the author and finisher of Love could not control his expression of disappointment in the betrayal of his trust for man; then curse them that much and deprived them of the home he gave to them, what then will you say of a mere mortal man who is not near anywhere perfection? I supposed, he will do worst!

I strongly advice, cling firmly to the trust your partner holds on you. If you allow it to slip off your hands, and your deception comes into light; it will take you a Gold Discovery Journey to earn it back. And that might lead to you loosing someone who truly loves you.

I am Sylvester A. O. I love to put peace on the face of the inhabitants of the world as far as my strength can aid me. Love is the rock on which we all stand. It is the driving force behind all I am doing right now. I hope you can see the light I saw in the MEANING OF LOVE!

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