Why you must keep Positive Personality in Relationship

The world was built initially without lies. Some people tend to say God was a liar by not telling Adam and Eve the truth about the tree of life. He did, but in parable! He made it clear that the very day they eat of the fruit; they will be exposed to two different forces fighting against each other from within, which will be so hard for them to overcome with the strength in their flesh.

Let’s look at the first lies told by the father of all lies “Satan – the known Lucifer” (Genesis 3:1-3).  Hey Eve, you look so wise on the face and beautiful, how could you allow that man called God to deceive you with his threatening words? I learn that he said the very moment you eat of the tree of life, that instant you shall die? Yes Madam Eve answered.

Here is the truth; the Devil said. The so-called tree of life will not only enlighten you from within, it will make your eyes to be opened and know what that man – God know. You will be his equal and you will also live forever. That is, you will become immortal, (Genesis 3:4-5).

Can you see why he decided not to tell you the truth? Don’t mind him. Trust me, you will see how transformed you will become. I will give you some so that you can eat of it. If you find it appealing, you should also reserve some for your husband – Adam. The first lies!

Was it Foolishness?

Eve was so foolish enough to have listened to Satan. She accepted the lies, chewed on it, and then in her view, she actually thought God was the liar while Satan was the truthful person. Eve gave a trial just as she was instructed to do under the watch of Satan.

Behold, Eve extended her findings to the man (her husband – Adam) on his return from a part in the garden. What did she say to Adam?

My husband, I have found the truth, which has been hidden from us by God. He intended to keep us in the dark forever. He never wanted us to be wise like him. Because of that he told us that if we eat of the tree of life, we shall die. Look my love, I have eaten of it, yet I am alive. Adam as a man, asked – who told you that? Satan did. The Second Lies! (Genesis 3:6-7)

Adam, out of love; joined his wife and the both had their share of the fruit. Behold, the life in them was not taken physically, but they were dead already in the spirit.

How Does God View Satan Lies and Their (Adam and Eve) Sin?

God was so angry at them, yet he calmed himself to know what lead to the betrayal, (Genesis 3:8-13). After God found out that Satan deceived Eve into going against her creator, He (God) went on; he laid curse on the three starting from the serpent (Satan), the woman and finally the man. (Genesis 3:14-19)

What was the Result of their Sin and Lies?

  1. Their personalities were destroyed. He (Satan) who is already cursed from time past had more curses laid on him by God.
  2. Adam and Eve lost their friendship with God. It is evidenced in (Genesis 3:8). A friend never hides himself from the presence of his friend. Hiding yourself from the presence of another person means there is a change in you that you don’t want him to see or discern.
  3. woman must pass through hard labour in pains to bear a child.
  4. The earth was cursed to grow thorns all for man sake.
  5. Man must eat out of his own sweat and he must die.
  6. Man lost the paradise designed for him out of the kindness and love of God.
  7. Peace was taken away from man.

The act of lies and many other sins took a good leap from then to this day even when God so loved that world that he gave his only begotten son (Jesus Christ) to die for us in other for the lost paradise to be restored back through faith.

Why do People Lie?

Right from the time men fell, the flesh in us never wills to do what is good again. The most pronounced inclination of our flesh is what that is bad and self satisfying. From this we can tell that people lie because of the few points below: –

  1. They have something to hide
  2. People lie because they feel it gives them way of escape
  3. Some times people lies because they are scared
  4. People lie because they are not satisfied with what they have
  5. People lie because they are selfish
  6. The knowledge of God’s Love is not in them
  7. People lie because they were told the only truth can be told to oneself not another person
  8. People lie because they are afraid of the unknown
  9. Certain individual believes it is their right to tell the truth or tell the lies
  10. People lie because of pride
  11. People lie because they cannot distinguish between what is right and wrong, i.e. their conscience is sold to self satisfaction. It doesn’t matter who is affected in such act.

Your Personality and Lies

I use to ask this question; do lies affect my personalities? Without hesitation, my heart pounds with a sharp answer “YES”.

According to Fyodor Dostoyevsky, “Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.” Whenever you lie, your dignity, your honour and your inner value is reduced.

Let us look at this critically; each time you tell a lie, you are faced with the battle and judgment posed on you immediately by your conscience. No matter how cool you feel on the outside with the lie you just told, you know deep down in your heart that you are not saying the truth. Each time the force tries to push you to telling the truth, there is always a compelling one telling you that there is always a way out of it and you can tell another lie to cover up the previous one. That is why no liar is a single liar but a multiple liar. This is because you must generate a new lie to keep the old one intact lest you get exposed.

It is very paramount to tell yourself the truth. It does you so well in building your relationship with God. This is because, when you satisfy your flesh, a day is coming when you and you alone will be held responsible for all your wrongs. What truth? Whenever you open your mouth to lie, always remember that no liar will have a place before God after death.

How Lies Kills your Love Relationship

Are you in a love relationship with the hope of sustaining it? Do you always ask; why does my partner seek evidence to believe in what I say? Are you fighting with feelings that your partner look at you with a view of deception? Are you having a stormy relationship with your partner because he or she never believes in you? Have you ever sat down to ask yourself – why?

Every day, we are faced with cases as mentioned above. If you are not directly involved then you you are having a friend who is facing such case. At times we ask, can this relation yield anything positive? Does it mean I married a wrong woman or does it mean I married a wrong man? These questions pops up as a result of Lies told by either of the parties, which has given room to inconsistency in the feelings you are having for whom you love.

Most at times, when you lie to cover your tracks in love relationship, you may think that your partner does not know. You could say to yourself he/she is just a fool in my hands because I’ve got a way of escape each time he tries to find out the truth.

No! He is not a fool! She is not a fool! There are so many indications – in your speech, movement and character that prove to your partner that you are lying, but he keeps shut believing you could change your ways. Some love partners who are very sensitive; keeps the track of all you tell them and they are so quick to pick out the consistency in your speech to them.

Truth Never Change the Contents of an Event but Lie Does!

At a time, you say what happened to you was “A”. In a mean time, discussion crawls in and the thing that happened to you is now “B”.  This can keep going on and on that you may think your partner is not aware of your deceptive characters. A point comes when he/she cannot bear it any longer, then he/she begins to question your faithfulness and your sincerity in all that happens between the two of you.

Ally Carter quote in one of her works that – “It is an occupational hazards that anyone who has spent his life learning how to lie eventually becomes bad at telling the truth.” Your lies are now so hard that you take them to be the truth even though you know within you that you are not speaking the truth. In addition, if you speak the truth, don’t you find inner peace? You find others to blame for your wrong doing and you will never accept that you are wrong. Ally Carter had a deeper view of this and I found out that THOSE WHO LIE IN LOVE RELATIONSHIP ARE STRONG HEADED AND THEY TRY BY ALL MEANS TO PROVE THAT THEIR PARTNER IS WRONG IN ORDER TO HAVE THE CREDIT OF A SAINT PLACED ON THEM. THEY DO SO BECAUSE THEY HAVE MANY THINGS TO HIDE.

I discovered this while I was making a research that has to do with “how to find true love”. I coined out the words – “Lies the killer of trust and true love”. Do you want to have a happy love relationship and live a fulfilled life and marriage? Read our post on “LIES, THE KILLER OF TRUST AND TRUE LOVE”


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