The phases we deal with love

Phases of Love

The concept of love is a bit hard to define or to discuss. Love in its nature is so complicated that no one wishes to face the truth. What truth? The phases of Love!
I had the opportunity to ask few people few questions that disturb my mind each time I think about phases of love. I never misuse the moments. The very moment I thought I could get the right answers from people on the phases of love. The moment I hear utterances like “I never knew thinks will be like this. You are so inhuman. You are so wicked.

What is the meaning of love when I cannot have peace in it? I am tired of the whole things in loving you. I cannot continue.

Then I asked – how do you see love?

The fellow answered with a heavy definition of anger on his face- Love is to be enjoyed not to bear anyone’s burden or pains. I always get hurt while trying to love her; after all, she is not the only one on earth. Yet I asked the lady the same question and she responded – don’t mind him. If he goes, another man will come for her, or does he think she is cursed that men will not come for her?

She added – love is to be enjoyed not to have someone play a lord over you without giving you the freedom to do what you deemed fit or right. Hmm; so complicated!

What can I say?

From experience; here is what I can tell you – both said coincidentally “Go On”… Life is so simple but it turns out to be hard for those that want it in such manner.

Love holds no grudges and it also bears one’s burden “The Holy Bible”. In regards to this, I will tell you that there are two basic phases of love you must not forget.
1. Good Times
2. Bad Times.

Good Times:

These times count so much in the journey of love and it appears to be like a man sloping down a mountain. There is a smile and deep peace as that of the deep sea. You go gaming, fishing, eat together and spoon-feed each other with glittering eyes filled with happiness!

It appears as though the sun will never set in your diary. You lift each other up and make yourselves soar like an Eagle. No pains or sorrow recorded in this episode.

I supposed there is always a wish that will come into our minds at this very point– “May things remain like this forever”. Is it possible? Not near to the truth!

Bad Times:

Oh! The very word no one wishes to hear, not even me but it is part of us and we must learn to deal with this ugly words – Bad Times.

These times appear like a devil that appears in the gathering of the children of God. While the going tends to be smooth, he crawls in silently and occupies his space as a matter.

To be sincere with us, this time is so hard to deal with but it’s the most precious moment of love exercise. I suppose you would say, hey Sylvester – you are going crazy.

Note; it is in bad times your strength and weakness is measured.

Do you love? Yes! I guess that will be your answer.

If yes, then here is the phase you truly define your love for your partner. How can that be when there is no sign of respect when he/she tend to enslave me with the whole stuff? You can really show the extent you love a being when the going is entirely odd.

You will be held honourable the most when you are able to sail through the tide of the bad times, which I titled WAVE OF CONFUSION. Note this phase; the affection for each other is killed.

The emotion for each other is destroyed. The beauty/handsomeness that attracted you both to each other is sold off to fury already; not to talk about the positive character you both had in the past.

Now the question is how can you deal with these bad times?

What Must I Do?
Hear this from me, and tell it to the whole world that it all starts from within us. I learned to deal with the hard times the very moment I found out that

1. My ego must go off
2. My pride must be lowered
3. I must love everything (the strength and the weaknesses in my partner and make corrections that God touches
their heart to use my words out of conviction not affectation )
4. I must take the weaknesses as my own weakness
5. Neither of us is perfect. None, no one on earth
6. Above all, when the going is even, love tends to be on a platter of gold. You must stand tall too in trying times.

Everyone goes for it but when the trying times come and anger want you to sway away, you must fight it with God standard of true love and become the last man/woman standing because nothing good comes easy just as Jesus did and gave us victory over sin, Satan, and Grave.

You will be able to overcome Bad times in your love life when you are ready to sell off your pride as I did and put on the shoe of true love just as Jesus Christ did many years ago, though I know it will not be easy at first, but it’s worth trying. Remember; all for Love Sake, Jesus became poor!

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