Tears in Love

What is the reason for tears in love?

Love and it Tears: Every day, People cry. Then I asked; is it the happiness or the pains in love that put these tears on the faces of people? This is hard to say because the word love is not static but dynamic all in itself. I have seen; when people are happy, they express their happiness through tears, which I call tears of joy and in some cases, people expresses their pains through tears, which I call tears of anguish.

I took a study on myself and I found out that whenever I am in hurt, I shred tears. When things I never expected to come from someone I love occurs, I burst into tears to show my expression about the event. But one beautiful thing I do is that I quickly returned to God to talk to him when things seems not right, then I ask Him to take the wheel.

You can never tell it all. Note this, when something like wow happens to you in love, you might not know the best way to express your feelings of happiness or unhappiness than to cry. That is why I said; love by itself is very dynamic in nature. It can make you to cry when you are so touched positively by its effect and it can make you to cry when you are in pains as a result of its negative effects.

Two things that make us shred tears in love relationship

We have two possible things that may make us to cry in love as stated above already, i.e.

  1. Pains
  2. Happiness

 When you are in pains, does crying solve the problems therein? Does it make you happy?

I was told by a fellow while I met him crying so bitterly due to the fact that his mate always insult him as a useless man because he lost his job and couldn’t provide for the family any more. He said to me, Mr. Sylvester, just allow me to cry my heart out and be happy, because that is all I’ve got to offer now. Then I asked; have you talked to God about it? You lost your job. Yes! But He is the giver of both life and job, so go on and talk to him because your cries will neither give you another job nor make your love mate to stop complaining because she needs your support and you need her understanding and endurance too.

My Feelings on this!

I tell you this, earthly intervention couldn’t solve it but God did it for him through Christ Jesus. So when things seems not right in your love life, retire back into your sacred room and talk to God about it, note; it might be delayed to get your answer, but be rest assured that all you need will be given to you in accordance to the will of God for your life. From the statements above, you could see that the pains put the first instance of tears on his face because his love partner seems not to understand things with him.

But when he talked to God about it, his tears was turned into number “2” above (Tears of Happiness). Don’t give up on God, each time you find yourself in any situation that makes you cry out of pain, for his is ready to bear your burden through Christ Jesus.

Indeed, the second instance of his tears became tears of happiness because God restored his job and he was able to provide effectively for his family.

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