Love is so mysterious. How far can you go to get loved?

Life is so complicated. Love is so mysterious in its own way. Just as our face differs, so is the state of our minds.

How far do you have to go to get hold of your true love? It is a question that has no concrete answers. But I will say little of this. From experience, a fellow had a relationship with a lady.

As time passes, he told himself that he will give up his life if that will make the lady to love him just as he loves her. The more he tries, the more he feels he was so far from his target.

What can he do? I felt for him the most when he said to me, she (the Lady) always feel detached from him no matter how hard he tried.

Also he is defined as a burden. And she told him, she can never avoid her ex-boyfriend because he is a part of her life and he will always be.

I came up words like – the lessons to learn from your case is that: No matter how far you go, no matter the sacrifices you might make, either you live or you die, if a woman doesn’t love you, she will never love you.

You may give her the whole world, but her spirit will certainly be with whom she loves naturally.

Does it matter?

It doesn’t matter who the person might be, what he does, either good or bad, it doesn’t matter provided her heart lies with him, she will always return back to him.

Note; this is also the same in the case of men. Are you a woman out there? Check this out; your man treats you like one dustbin.

He says he doesn’t want to bring you out to any platform, because he doesn’t want your relationship to go viral.

But, he always celebrate other female friends, he grace them and never graces you for any reason, kindly withdraw your love speed tentacle and ask yourself this question – “does he truly loves you, or there are some skeleton he is hiding from you?” Get the right picture of this.

Can you hide love?

When you are in love, no matter how hard you try to hide it, it forces its way out into the light.

It is like the moment a pregnant woman is due to bring forth a child. No matter how hard she tries; she cannot hide the expression of labour pains on her face.

That means you cannot love someone without expressing it provided both of you had agreed to be together!

Tell yourself the truth. You may love someone but if he/she don’t love you naturally, you cannot force them to stay.

You just have to look for whom you can love naturally, listen to you and you will listen to.

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