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Love Can Make You Feel Bad and Ashamed

the shame in love and how does it make you feel

The shame in Love

Oh love and shame, what a world! Can’t we really live without love? Why does it allow us (me) to feel so bad and at times feel ashamed? Someone out there will say; of course, I can live without love, I just stay all to myself. No, no one can stay without love. You will either go for the lust or the love. Either ways, feelings is involved.

Why then do we feel so bad at times? Let’s look at this – You are in love with someone, he (she) counts on you, but you cannot provide the needs of this person. You are all there as a figure representing lover’s tree whose shade is expected to cover all circumstances, but you have no say all because you cannot stand up for your love ones when they needed you.

What are the needs in love

The needs may not be financially per say, though; it could be inclusive. What will you do? How can you face your love ones? Where is your leading power to show the way when you cannot stand up to your responsibilities? Most at times, I feel the strength in the words of wisdom from the words of God saying – He that does not provide for his immediate household is worst than an unbeliever.

This statement is so heart striking each time I cannot provide for my love ones. Now what do you do to hold your head up? Here comes the big one… Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Financially (Don’t get this wrong by saying – must money be the reasons for love? At least averagely, because the bible says “Money answers all things”). Don’t hold your hands back and feel you can have peace in the society or obtain respect when you barely provide for whom (those) you love.

The very moment I realised this, I had to stand up for me to beat off the feelings and the shame. How did I do it? I went for knowledge, Seek counsel, Pick up a positive career, work towards my goals (I fall but I never stop rising), and earn some money to keep my financial status balanced or at average.

Above all, God became my head and he leads me all through because without him life will be miserable and love can make you feel bad and ashamed at times.

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I am Sylvester A. O. I love to put peace on the face of the inhabitants of the world as far as my strength can aid me. Love is the rock on which we all stand. It is the driving force behind all I am doing right now. I hope you can see the light I saw in the MEANING OF LOVE!

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