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True Love is Like Removing Fruitlet from Spikelet

How hard it is to get True Love

True Love is Like Removing Fruitlet from Spikelet

Love is so dynamic and it is so confusing most at times when people believe that things must opt to work out in the very ways they defined from their love-dreamed world. Nope! I say True Love has coined out for itself an unfriendly environment called the spikelet. At times I love to call them SPINES.

Most often I asked – why must one battle so many forces to get True Love? Does it mean the parties are not getting it right? Does it mean the parties who are involved are not compatible? What could be the reason why there is so much tide to ride to attain True Love? Haven reviewed all the questions above, I put the following up:

Nothing Good Comes Easy

This is one of the normal says. When you are going for Love fortune, you tend to bring out the best in you and you also would want to do whatever it takes to get the right things you seek dearly.

Ollie put – because of struggles and challenges in life that some days I don’t want to be whom I am. Maybe I’m just better on my own. I Wish that I could change! But I can’t ‘Cause I’m still trapped inside of these feelings Begging you to believe me So that I’ll keep on going with you. But nothing good comes easy.

We all need good thing. This good thing is rare. For this course, you will have to dig deeper to get to the point, where; if you get hold of it (True Love), it will never slip off your hands ever again. At this phase, people would be forced to ask; what is their secret? Why their love show is like a split of honey on a tongue?

The answer is that they shouldered the pains of the piecing effect of the spikelet and had endured it without giving up on each other.

Survival of the Fittest

This is also called natural selection in other term.  As put together in Darwinian terms, the phrase is best understood as “Survival of the form that will leave the most copies of itself in successive generations, Evolution.”

Mechanically, I would like to interpret the terms above as put together by sir Darwin, which he called natural selection. To me, it is the preservation of favoured races in the struggle of life.

Yes, it is the brave ones that can reach the end of the line. No wonder a female friend once told me that, “yes, she has so many men coming for her in love, but only the last man standing will be her man”.

She is perfectly right, because the best bidder will go home with the commodity. Note; not just with money in the case of love, skills, connections, nor your spoken English for there is more to it than the aforementioned.

In reality, I put the following questions together to open your eyes to the case of survival of the fittest in the game of love.

  • All hope may be gone, yet will you stand with your partner?
  • Will you still stand loving even when there seems to be no love sign written on the board?
  • Can you sell off your pride and become a fool for him/her?
  • We all have weaknesses in our lives. How far can you bear your partner’s weakness?
  • When it rains or the sun shines; will you ignore the world to stand with him/her?
  • Will you stand with him/her when there seems to be no head ways?
  • Finally, will you stand up for your partner when no one is there to look unto?
  • How often does your partner look at you and say – YOU ARE THE REASON I AM COMING THIS FAR?


Attaining True Love deals with outstanding display of endurance, which cannot be overemphasized. You are in a relationship with the hope of spending the rest of your life with your partner until death does you both paths.

The years you spent together as boyfriend and girlfriend and courtship is so few compared to the years you will spend together as husband and wife a day after your wedding ceremony.

Come to think of it, if you cannot endure imperfections in your partner now, I don’t think you will be able to stand it in marriage.

Indeed, this is one of the reasons why so many people don’t stay longer with each other after wedding. And the complain goes like this – I never knew you are like this.

If I had known, I wouldn’t have agreed to take the oath of holy matrimony with you. In light of this, you are already on the lane, which leads to single parenting that will affect your family standards without doubt.

Life Security

Hey men, do not think I am bias in this case. Get me right; when you marry a woman, she becomes helpless in your house. Your bidding will become her topmost priorities even though it is not conducive for her, she will tend to do them just to make you happy.

The question I do ask myself is this “what happens when she turns your request down?” A lady must be assured that her life is secured with you in all phases of life. So, she would want to give you a long rope to pull to see if you would let go or hold still to the very end.

Men, in your anger, you end up beating up your woman, or you trade her for your friends or your job. Let me tell you this –  she may need your money to survive, but she needs your presence most and your temperate character, which defines you as a noble man to reassure her that she is saved in your hands at all times.

My Thought

What do I have to say? You wondered, I guess! How many of you had received this warmth complement from your life partner that INDEED, YOU HAVE TRIED? True Love acquisition is like digging up a hidden mineral from the earth heart. I once had a missed-head with my partner and she says you are looking at me as though you want to beat me, go ahead and beat me then!

From the look on her face, I took a deep breath and I said the very last thing I will not do is to lay my hands on you for any reason. Yes when things seem not to go the way you wanted, you will be thrown off balance and the beast in you will surface. But it is duty to curtail its effect against your love one.

In the case of spines and the fruit taken from palm tree for oil making, I once heard – Easy Does It All. No matter how annoying it could be, you feel the pains each time you get pieced, you must still go down the spikelet to get the fruit you seek. Until then, you will not stop half way because of the piecing effect of the spines on you.

When you love a being, there is no pain you cannot bear for the concerned sake. No wonder, not matter the pains Jesus Christ went through, He never gave up on us.

Even at the point of death; just in order for him to earn us salvation back to the paradise we lost to Satan from the time past, he stood steadfast.

I need to take a break. Until we meet again; I say – TRY SELFLESS LOVE and define your love as the fruit stocked within spines that must be removed.


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