True love has no label but it has an effect though we fail to realise its effect soon enough because of our cravings towards other directions in life.

The world so much focuses on all other areas of life all in the name of survival but neglect the true meaning of life “Love”. They look at the economy, business success, world peace and so much more that has become the daily routine.

What pains me so much is that the inhabitants of this world have come to this extent, which I call “Blind-Lead-Zone”.They have been lead to this zone that all they believe in is financial breakthrough, fame, recognition, and world power etc forgetting that they all have just, but one life to live.

We have all forgotten that the basis on which the foundation of this world, which we claim to own, was laid is LOVE.

Let us look at this – One Supreme Being called “God” pronounced this love and he extended it to us (human) by making the whole earth inhabitable for us. What manner of love could this be? Even when men fell, he still exercises this love further by making him be in charge of the entire land.

Look at what I see about men and I quote, right from the time man fell, nothing in him wills to do what is good anymore. This is not a surprising quote. Indeed, it is true!

This statement manifested itself in the first two men that came out of man “Cane and Abel”. Notwithstanding, the true nature of love, which is the God remains in us is still active but that failed part of us that was conquered by Satan, the father of all lies, which is called “The Flesh” still contest with the God’s good side in us called “The True Love”.

True Love Has No Label

A label on goods is with few purpose. It displays the content composition, what they offer to the consumers and quality definition. Every consumer needing services tend to count on the displayed label of an item and the market strategies used by the asker to confuse or convince the consumer to acquire an item.

Note; the content could be disappointing at times. This is because; the container content could be an anti-label definition in many ways.

Infatuation has label instead because it goes for the look and the short-term romantic satisfaction therein and thereafter crashes your ass on a rocky ground and left you with bruises.

A young man once told me, he does not give a damn about any girl. He is open to as many girls he would want to have sex with per day, but if you are ugly, you do not have a place before him. Look at the worst and painful part of his expression.

He said and I quote – “When I have sex with any girl more than three times, her styles becomes an old fashion, so I need to check out new girls” What a wreck of one’s life!

Another young man posted this on his facebook page and I quote “If you want to live with just a girl, you are wasting your time. Just play games with them in a Nigeria way!” What an abuse of one’s honour!

It is true; infatuation goes for the look, your curve, bobs, your sex styles in bed, statue, fame, swag, wealth etc. However, when there are no more, your guess is as good as mine is!

True love comes like a wildfire and gets you consumed by its strong affection, likeness, steadfastness, longsuffering, understanding, faithfulness and truthfulness.

This prompted the feelings in my heart and I coined this out, “Love Has Effect” because the aforementioned keep growing as the day goes by.

Effect of True Love

God never reserved any label for his act of love on humanity, but its signs and actions show to us how much he loved us, today and generations yet unborn.

Who has the power to say, I think it will be right for me to give light to the world so that my creation could have the reflection of my glory, so He (God) did.

I think it will be good for me to bring darkness upon the earth, which I call night so that man could rest from his daily endeavours. God did all these. Look at the most awesome part of the stories.

The man was alone among his creation. He made him the head of all things he created. He put him in the best place called Garden of Eden but I call it Palace of Beauty.

Not yet satisfied with that; He (God Almighty) extended his act of love by giving the man a woman called Eve, but I call her Icon of redemption for man loneliness.

This is so because it was proven in the word of God that as soon as the man (Adam) saw her (Eve), his spirit was so lifted with joy, which leads him to name her; BONE OF HIS BONE and he concluded, this because out of him she was taken. Who told him that?

Without sex, the fire of affection overcame him within his heart toward the woman that God gave to him. Because of love, he became a slave to the adoration of her tenderness and beauty.

He was drive by the force behind the scene – “True Love” and he gave his all to her. That means; he is so subjective to her words. Whatever Eve says, he will do it. The weakness of man revealed in his love for the woman and Satan took advantage of it.

When you love truly, you find deep peace in your heart for your partner. You crave for him or her even when he/she has nothing to offer.

Your best moment tends to be the time you spend with your partner. Do you think I am talking about sex? If you think, a partner loves you because of sex that is a deception of higher rank. When a better dude craws in, you will become a waste bin object.

True love will keep seeing you as the star that twinkles its little light all the night in his life. The light that lightens his darken heart, the fountain of peace each time he sees you, one reason he’s got hope to live and an ornament that he/she is entirely proud of in all phase of life either there is sex or not. You may fight or not, yet; you are his hero/heroine.

Have you found someone who sees you in these lights?

If yes, then do not make mistake to let go for (s) he might be your God sent to usher you into the realm of True Love Paradise.

True Love has no label be its effect is evident in your outward look, which becomes its reflection from within!




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